If you’re taking the time to learn our story, then you already understand jewellery means more than the silver or gold it’s made of. You know it’s not just the shape, size, colour or monetary worth that makes it special. It’s the story.


Buying jewellery for someone says more than words. 


Just think about wedding rings for a moment. You get married and you have the paperwork to prove it. You even invite your closest friends and family to see it with their own eyes, so why do we wear wedding rings? 


You see, it’s the connection and bond that only jewellery can symbolise.

A constant reminder. Something beautiful to symbolise something even more beautiful. 


But how did A N . L O V E come to be?
It starts with a Grandmother with a love for jewellery.


A for Alaina

N for Norma



Before she passed, Norma gave her beloved jewellery to her granddaughter, forging a bond that will last generations. It was then that Alaina wondered, why should it take death to create something this meaningful? 


And this is how A N . L O V E came to be.

Our range of rings, earrings and necklaces may be delicate and quiet, but they speak volumes of the strong bonds they symbolise. Alaina has handpicked these precious pieces so you can share them with your loved ones today. 



Share with your friends. Share with your family. Share with yourself. 

Take inspiration from this. Take charge and make this bond with your loved ones right now. Say more than words with
A N . L O V E today.


With Love, 


A N . L O V E 




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